Lipo and BBL They Go Well TogetherLipo and BBL They Go Well Together

Lipo and BBL can be done at the same time and go well together.  Liposuction, ( Lipo) is an invasive procedure where excess fats are removed from the various parts of the body, such as the belly, underarms, thighs, back to acquire the shape required by the owner. On the other hand, Brazillian Butt Lift ( BBL) is an invasive procedure where fat is removed from the various parts of the body and injected into the butts, to acquire the juicy shape required by the owner

The Lipo and BBL procedures can go well together because, a lipo client, after having the excess body fats in the unwanted areas removed, can have the fats, instead of going t waste, injected into the buts in the same operation. This ensures the clients leave the operation room in an exact fascinating shape that they will love. Below are some of the reasons why the two procedures really can be done together

The two procedures can be done in a single operation 

In the performance of the Lipo procedure, a skilled surgeon, in an invasive procedure takes out the excess fat unwanted by the client in the body parts that the client wants. For a BBL, the skilled surgeon gets out the excess fat from the other body parts and uses the fat to transform the butts into the shape required by the client. In most cases, the same surgeon is skilled in performing both procedures. Do you now see why we say that the Lipo and BBL procedures go well together? Think of an event where you book a lipo procedure with a surgeon, pay the required amount, get the operation done in for a few hours, go home, take time to heal, then you afterward realize that after getting the attractive figure in the other areas you left the butts unaligned with the other buts? The only one letting you down? So your friends compliment the size of your boobs, your flat tummy, your slim waist, but huh!!!? What happened to the butts? Do they belong to the same body? No one wants this kind of feeling, everyone wants the attractive feminist figure portrayed in the media by the celebrities.

So you realize that you needed a BBL procedure too. You go back, book time with the surgeon, pay, get fat removed ( remember you already did Lipo, so this time around you have too little excess fat to be removed. I guess we now nod in agreement that you need to do lipo and BBL together, so that the excess fat is not wasted, but used to make you buts into the attractive figure that you want, to get the S shape that we are all craving for. Save time, don’t do two different procedures, you save money ( paying for one operation where two procedures will be conducted is way cheaper than paying for two different operations for each procedure to be conducted alone. Of course, the time used to heal and get back to other money-generating activities. Having two procedures done together means the whole body heals together.

The Two procedures use the same advanced Technology

Previously, the method used to conduct the procedures was more completed and a little bit risky at the same time, because there complications, including mortality that was reported after the procedure was conducted. In the new technology, the doctors use a closed-loop system, which ensures that the removed fat is not exposed to air. The doctors have also started using a wireless ultrasound which guides them when injecting fat into the butts, to know when it’s enough for a specific part to avoid exerting pressure on the tissues.

The doctors use the wireless ultrasound and a small cannula, so everything is displayed on the screen and the process continues. This canula, helps the doctor to know when he can no longer put more fat on a certain part. Using the closed-loop system, the fat is moved to the butts in the same instruments, which perfectly explains why the two procedures should be done hand in hand.

The buttocks will not deform afterward

Deformation of the butts mostly occurs when the fat used in the butts had been exposed to the air, making them expand and occur some more space during the procedure which later decreases and leave voids, making the butt reduce in size from the previous one from the doctor, and may lose shape. Since the technology used does not expose the fat to the air, this means that the exact volume that is used in the butts remains to be that even in the future. In the same manner, the other parts formed after lipo maintain their attractive feature.

Do you look at people with the S shape, the hourglass figure and you just can’t help yourself from admiring the figure? The shapes we admire from our celebs? Think of Jennifer Lopez? Think of Nicki Minaj? We can help you be the next talk of the place and the social media streets. The secret is in having these two self-fulfilling procedures at the same time.


Miami BBL vs California BBLMiami BBL vs California BBL

BBL refers to the surgical procedure that boosts the look of your buttock with fat transfer. Initially, the fat is collected from your body utilizing a procedure called liposuction (Lipo). After that, it is refined by cleaning it with an antibiotic remedy. Finally, it is purposefully re-injected into the butt and the hip region to augment your butt literally. By filling the cheeks of your buttock, it actually reinflates your butt and, consequently, raises your buttock, therefore labeled Brazilian Butt Raise. The Brazilian word description advises us that this treatment was first presented by Brazilian surgeons and promoted by South Americans. As it migrated to the states, it initially landed in Miami, which flaunts a big South American population. Its appeal has subsequently spread out up the east coastline and a lot more recently to the west and California coast.

The BBL surgical procedure has progressed substantially over the last few years, both in its safety and security factors to consider its visual suitable. Safety advancements have focused on decreasing the dangers of harmful negative effects called fat emboli and lessening the threat of fat infection. Aesthetic advances have focused on enhancing individual complete satisfaction as it connects to quantity retention and focuses on clients’ certain buttock improvement objectives. A person’s butt shape visual choices can be defined by different buttock shapes and sizes. Numerous years earlier, we presented the Brazilian Buttock Evaluation device, which was intended to clarify the client’s buttock sizes and shape choices. We observed particular butt shapes and size choices that were influenced by customers’ age, ethnic background, and religious beliefs! These findings will certainly be released in the Journal of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in 2021.

Identifying certain choices in buttock shape and size through the Brazilian Butt Evaluation Tool has permitted us to recognize also regional distinctions. As the main center for Brazilian Butt Lifts and Brazilian Butt Lift Modifications, we have observed detailed distinctions between customer wishes that we have actually created The golden state versus Miami BBL. The Miami BBL explains the production of a much more charitable buttock dimension with maximum fullness over the mid and also lower butt area. The Miami BBL is desired by clients who are hippier and have much more generous medial and lateral upper legs. In contrast, the California BBL explains a much more modest size increase in the butt dimension, with optimum volume separated to the mid-buttock area. The California BBL is desired by individuals that are more athletic as well as have thinner legs.

If you question which Brazilian Buttock Lift is the most effective option for you, an appointment with your surgeon will help you decide between the California BBL or Miami BBL.


When Fitness FailsWhen Fitness Fails

Consider High Definition Liposuction using VASER Lipo. A kind of liposuction that breaks apart fat cells then loosens them. VASER separates the fat from your deeper cells. A lot more fat is removed during the treatment.

UTILIZING VASER, your surgeon contours, and forms of the body. By eliminating resistant fat deposits, you can form the body. This is liposculpture. VASER lipo can shape as well as form lots of areas in a solitary procedure. When diet and exercise alone don’t work. VASER does.

VASER is a phrase for Vibration Boosting of Sound Energy at Vibration. This specialized ultrasound modern technology breaks down fat cells.

With the fat cells broken down, the doctor removes excess fat with a suction procedure. Thus lipo (fat) suction.

All types of lipo operate the very same standard premise. VASER just removes much of the fat. This permits high-definition lipo.

In larger clients, Liposelection (VASER Lipo) is carried out in two phases stage. Typically, abdominoplasty or an upper leg lift to eliminate the excess skin remains in a second stage. The 2nd stage is usually done three months after liposuction surgical treatment.

The soundwaves target just the fat, without damage to the bordering cells. The Soundwave effect makes the extraction a lot more consistent, resulting in smoother skin.

VASER LIPO is for body contouring and not for weight loss.